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Beautiful, Organic MIDI Pack (Standalone)$47

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  • 1xBeautiful, Organic MIDI Pack (Standalone)$47

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"I recently got my hands on Niko's MIDI Pack, and man it has made my life so much easier when I'm doing a new writing session with somebody. Normally before a writing session, I would have to do a bunch of chord progressions to get things ready, and now I don't stress anymore, I drag and drop chord progressions into my DAW and we try out different arrangements to write songs quickly."

Grammy-Nominated Producer and Multi-Instrumentalist 

"What's good about this MIDI pack is you can throw it right into a song. It sounds incredible, and it has all these articulations that you wouldn't get from just some dude sitting in a basement programming MIDI and saving it. He played all of this on his piano and what's incredible about it is it sounds REAL."

Chris Hogan
Music Producer & Songwriter

"When I first got access to the MIDI pack my jaw hit the floor, this thing is amazing. I have tried to use MIDI packs before and spent tons of money on MIDI packs, and they have never been high-quality, and this thing is anything but. Niko went through and recorded himself, a professional level concert pianist, and recorded them all so they have velocity animation, it is incredible."

EDM-Pop Music Producer